There are several ways to support the Plainsboro Rescue Squad (PRS).

  • Donate money
  • Become a member (or a 'cadet' member)
  • Tell your friends and neighbors
  • Subscribe to our newsletters

  • Please click here for more information about donating money.

    Donate Products or Services

    There are many, many expenses involved in running PRS, and many of those materials, products or services can be provided by your company or organization. And if you donate that item to us, we can make other improvements with the monetary contributions we receive. We can also provide you with a donation/tax receipt. Some of the things we could use include:

  • Office supplies
  • Computer support
  • Sewing (to adjust uniforms)
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Bottles of water
  • Food & drink
  • Cell phone service
  • Legal services
  • Cleaning
  • Basic mechanical work
  • Banking and safekeeping
  • HVAC work
  • Painting
  • Electrical work
  • Landscaping

  • We would love if the entire population of Plainsboro (residents and workers) know who we are, what we do, and how we help our community. We fundamentally exist to help and serve the population of Plainsboro and are genuine in our desire to assist people in need. If you can please help us spread the word about our organization to your friends and neighbors, that will help us—and may help them. Start by telling them about this website. Thank you!